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Vicissitudes of life have contributed to the misery of elders with no one to depend on no means of income, no emotional security making them destitute with a big question mark. Their head about how to carry on with their lives and their only asset is their will to survive to afford a helping hand to these senior citizens Akhila Kerala Vridhasadanam was formed. As a first step in this long journey 2 buildings were built in 1.5 acres of land offered free of cost by Sri. Kannappan our trust member. One building for oldage people and the other one includes office, store room, doctors room, kitchen & staffroom. Day by day, the number of inmates were increasing. We are struggling to meet their demands and expenses at present. At present, we have affiliation only to accomodate male people & work in progress to accomodate female old ages also. We care our inmates with due respect and affection with caretakers and comforts like cots, mattresses, fans, refrigerator, colour television, newspapers, washing machine and much more eventhough we are in financial crisis. The present functioning of the oldage home is supported by some well-wishers, who are common people around us towards meeting daily food and other expenses. If you wish to contribute to our oldage home you can sponsor birthdays, weddings, other events and also in memory of departed loved ones. This will be equals to offering to GOD

Facilities provided to oldage home

Future Vision
Due to financial crisis at present our future vision will take time. But we are confident enough to succeed with the grace of god and helping hands.

For your attention
If you have or around you any oldage people who need help please contact us our services are total free of cost but we have no facilities to accomodate mentally ill or challenged people eventhough we wishes to do so.

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The President Akhilakerala Vridhasadanam Marankulangara, Kalavoor. P.O Alappuzha, Kerala, India Mob: 9656633889, 9656633393

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